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Jumat, 03 Februari 2012

Modification In Dragon Nest

Dragon Nest Modification

-what is modification ?? and why use it ?? is that illegal for use Dragon Nest Mods??

-Modification Dragon Nest or we call that Dragon Nest Mods is change our character in DN and make it better and look better (More Cool)

Look Figure Below
This when i haven't use mods

After using some dragon nest mods my character become like this

Look much better right ?? so i don't need to use costume item because that expensive hehe..

-So that the reason why i use mods ,i enjoy my character costum and look better before the mods

-Is using Mods illegal ?? in my opinion Mods only work in our PC or in other word your friend or other PPL can't see if you are using a mods .
So why worry ? that's not hack the game too

Yeah this the step to do modding in Dragon Nest
1.open this site first 

2.Search what item you need there 
Like Armor , weapon , Skill Effect , Crosshair ,Audio Sound and Voice Pack  

3.After you find mods from that site and want to use it , you must download it and need and account , so better you make account for www.dragonnestmods.com now
Remember : Some download site have been blocked so that the reason why you can't download all mods from there

4.Then if you finish downloading copy your download item to 
your Dragon Nest Main Folder , 

5.After finish copying try by login to your Dragon Nest Account
If you really following that step i think no problem eh but if you have problem PM me or comment this post

Just For Reminder :

Don't Forget To Remove the Mods Folder Every Maintenance or A New Pack
If Not Your DN will be Crashed and Must Copy A New One
Hope this can help you

5 komentar:

  1. kayaknya bagus deh,... gamenya pengen nyoba lah

  2. wah, game apaan tuh keren kayaknya..

    1. nama game itu Dragon Nest SEA..

  3. mods kyk gtu bsa dpke di DN SEA ap nggak sih?..

  4. di sea udah pada bagus gan ... kalau indo masih kagak bagus .... liat aja di SEA udah pada bagus bahkan senjata juga udah bisa di mods .. di indo masih belum bisa ...